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  • Philip Clemo & Dream Maps band highlights May tour 2019
    Philip Clemo & band May tour 2019 : Byron Wallen Trumpet, BJ Cole Pedal steel guitar, Emily Burridge cello Martyn Barker drums, Evi Vine vocals, Steve Vine guitar.
  • New collaborative release with digital artist Terry Flaxton 10/07/2019 on Sedition art
        WaterFell new release 10/07/19 on Sedition Art by digital artist @terryflaxton Soundtrack by @emilyburridge WaterFell is an evocation of the substance and importance of water and its influence on human and other forms of life. Its inception came when Emily and Terry commenced in their individual art forms a production born out of the inspiration and beauty […]
  • Kino Teatr St Leonards on Sea ‘Bach & more music from Out of the Blue’
    Sunday morning coffee concert 11am @KinoTeatrArts St Leonards on Sea I’ll be performing the wonderful G major suite for unaccompanied cello by JS Bach & more music from Out of the Blue’ as I continue to be inspired writing for solo cello incorporating looping pedals operated with my feet enabling me to multi track harmonies […]
  • Festival of Chichester 18/06/19
    Festival of Chichester 10 must see events Just been rehearsing ‘into the Amazon’ with all the emotion of these current times and the stark images of the ‘lungs of the world’ being devastated – #Brazil #Amazon sending out an SOS St John’s Chapel St John’s Street #Chichester Chichester Observer @Festival of Chichester of Chichester Observer […]
  • Watch out for the Dream Maps Band with Phillip Clemo
    View this post on Instagram Three more great musicians from my #dreammapslive band: virtuoso cellist @emilyburridgecello.official creating extraordinary sounds from her beautiful electric cello, guitar atmospherics maestro Steven Hill looking and sounding cool as ever & sonic globetrotter @byron_wallen introducing exquisite melodies that soar over the complex sonic backdrops. Looking forward to playing with you […]
  • Solo performances June 2019
    Sun 16th June 2019 11:00AM Coffee Concert Kino Teatr St Leonards on Sea “Bach & music from Out of the Blue” -G major suite followed by new repertoire form Emily’s current ‘Out of the Blue’ series of compositions   Book tickets Event Details Starts at 11:00  AM    Ticket price £ 10. includes coffee & […]
  • Chasing Cars - Cello Version
    New cover release 26/04/19 Chasing cars (cello version)
    New release 26/04/19 Chasing cars (cello version) Buy and stream Apple i tunes Spotify   Chasing cars ( cello version) was recorded and mixed by Emily BurridgeMastered by Ben Findlay, Lucid Audio Ltd    
  • Performing ‘Mellow cello Music’ at Warner House Hotel Cricket St Thomas nr Chard
    04/04/2019 Mellow cello Music 3pm – 4pm Warner House Hotel Cricket St Thomas Chard From my concert program ‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’ and today’s program will include the G major suite by JS Bach and music from my CD release ‘Compositions & Meditations’