Emily Burridge Online Cello Session

Online Session Cello

In her studio facility where she runs the recording platform Logic Pro X Emily can record broadcast quality. She can either record  a supplied notated cello part or write and record the cello parts for your recording.

Having worked in recording studios since 1987 Emily commenced online cello sessions  in 2014. She has experience in recording and writing cello parts for songs, film scores and in 2019 a Theatre commission.

Recording & arranging in the UK for client in Texas USA Kyle Bateman “The Top” September 2020

The remit:   I hope you are well.  I was writing to ask if you would be interested in writing a Cello Arrangement for my new song, (The Top).  I’m looking for a crescendo during the bridge out to the outro, a lot like Bowie’s Five Years.

The response to cello arrangement on first mix submission by the client :

“Wow, just what it needed!  Very tasteful.  Bravo 👏 Perfect, well done Emily.  Love it!”   Sincerely,     Ky

“Emily, again, what an amazing performance and perfect note placement! Wow I very much enjoy the arrangement.  The execution and performance is spot on.  Brilliantly done! -Like I said; Bravo 👏 “

Overcoming the challenges of lockdown – Remote recording & video for online event “From Silence to Song” 04/02/2021

Recording my cello part created for this very inspired production –  I have previously worked with Philip Clemo on two album productions “Mesmer” & “Dream Maps” the latter I toured with the band in 2018-2019 with launch of the album at Kings Place London Hall 2 .

‘From Silence Into Song’ marking World Cancer Day from Philip Clemo on Vimeo.

Testimony from Philip Clemo – Emily is a very talented and versatile cellist. She is an extremely sensitive player and quickly gets what a piece needs. Her tone is exquisite.


Testimony Dionne Draper – singer/songwriter playwright & actress.

Theatrical commission Dionne Draper re: cello underscore for theatrical production “Dawta” and cello arrangements for her songs September 2019

Online recording –  Emily’s musical sensibility and talent is second to none, coupled with impressive technical skills. Emily was able to complete the underscore for my 60 minute musical, DAWTA online, with excellent attention to detail and coordination with my sound engineer. I was very happy.

Composing – After hearing Emily’s work online I pursued her for a year! Finally we got to work on my one woman musical DAWTA. Emily’s work is exemplary, her instinctive, emotive compositions bought additional depth and soul to my work. Her cello arrangement for my song  ‘My Life’ was beautifully simple and devastatingly powerful. Thrilled customer.

Michael Dostal international recording session and request for cello arrangement to be written for a song.
“Super flexible, communicative and with excellent and soulful melodies. Perfect work!”

cello arrangement for online session work August 2018

“Table for two” . Cello arrangement and online session for Joe Perkins CD release “Double Denim”. “Working with Emily was an absolute dream. We went from first contact to completing the project in less than a week – which seems to be a real rarity with session musicians nowadays! The most important thing for me on Table For Two was capturing a unique cello performance full of personality & passion rather than editing together ‘perfect’ parts, which was something Emily was able to get spot on first time with her great control of her instrument. The recording quality was fantastic, options of both microphone & DI recording were provided (both were used…obviously!!) and she totally understood what I was after. I really couldn’t be happier with what she came up with – the cello really defines that song now, which is exactly what I was hoping it would do.”

Online Session Recording Process

In having a cello part created and recorded by Emily – initially please send a  mix of your track as an mp3 and indicate where you would like the cello  part / parts.

In sending a notated part for Emily to record the cello please be specific and exact with marks of expression, bowing and phrasing.

Once Emily has listened to your song she can then  give you a quote. The fee for her work is paid via her PayPal account.

For sessions agents. Initially contact Emily by e mailing her: emily(at)emilyburridge.com. Emily is a fully paid up member of the Musicians Union. BPI (British Phongraphic Industry) forms are completed and submitted to the Musicians Union for registration with PPL once the session is completed.

The guidelines below is the information required in order to commence recording :

  1. Please send an mp3 file alternatively a .wav mix  Sample rate either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz of your song or soundtrack via Google Drive file share or WeTransfer.com
  2. For import purposes please ensure that the audio file starts at 00:00:00
  3. Please include tempo indication of song or piece
  4. In Emily creating a part for a song please send  key changes and indicate verse,chorus and mid 8 sections, Lyrics also help in achieving the right vibe for a song.
  5. If you have a notated cello part  then please e mail as a .jpg file format.

On Completion

    1. Having recorded the cello part she sends a mix of the cello merged with your track and then you can give feed back – please advise if unable to respond  within 24 hours.
      You then have an option for her to make specific amendments or if all to your liking she then sends .wav file of the recorded cello part/s
    1. Payment by private individuals When all approved and files transferred to the client  Emily then transfers the payment from Paypal to her bank account.

To make contact with Emily about your recording production please e mail her:


Emily’s Background and approach to your music

Emily Burridge, is a  classically trained virtuoso ‘cellist with a talent for improvisation honed to spontaneous perfection by the demands of top flight session work. With more than twenty years experience employed in recording studios either reading the notes or free improvisation Emily is at home within the recording environment as she is on stage performing.Working in many genres of music including; pop, rock, folk, latin, dance music and classical.

As well as reading a notated part her perfect pitch enables her to identify chordal structures and establish a ‘cello part. She loves to work alongside producers developing ideas and as a composer in her own right she easily adapts to writing cello and string arrangements.

Emily has had a professional home studio facility since 1991 and today favours Logic Pro X which enables her to record broadcast standard. She commenced online recording sessions in 2014 and has since supplied cello parts to clients in the USA, Germany, France, UK and Brazil.

As a private artist you make a saving on the cost of travel expenses, studio and engineer time.

As long as Emily is available to record the turn around after initial contact is typically within four days.


Online session for soundtrack composer Steve Horner – Horner Music. Los Angeles, CA

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Emily’s work on my latest project. Her performance was sensitive, beautifully executed, well recorded and delivered promptly to my specifications the first time. It’s so rewarding to work with a seasoned pro that fully understands the music creation process from beginning to end. I’m very much looking forward to working with her on future projects.” Steve Horner – Horner Music

Cello arrangement and online session for”Butterflies” from Jordan Grant debut EP

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Burridge on the opening track of my EP. I’d decided I wanted a cello in my song, but knew no cellists. I took to Google and what started as choosing the first name on the list, turned out to be a match made in Heaven. Emily cares. She genuinely cares about music and about what she does. She asked me loads of questions about the nature of the song, the lyrics, the motivation for writing it and all of that poured into her crafting of the cello line; a line that has brought me to tears on numerous occasions. I cannot praise nor thank Emily enough.”