Earth Songs by Emily Burridge

Emily Burridge's first CD production 'Earth Songs' was released in 1994 with a German independent label and in 2004 re-released on the label: White Horse World Music. The energetic source for the music was a journey made by Emily to the Mato Grosso Forest of Brazil. Staying in a vast raw natural environment, bathing in waterfalls at dawn, such experiences fed her senses in such a way that on returning to England she was inspired to convert these memories to sound and commenced writing lyrics which reflect experiences of this time. The music also reflects her deep interest for the healing power of sound and her empathy for indigenous people with integrated recordings of her field recordings of tribal ritual and song and indigenous musical instruments .

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"As she advances in her musical vocation without paying attention to conventionalisms, this woman has succeeded in shaping a very personal, direct style, which attracts the attention of the listener very easily indeed." JORGE MUNNSHE -

Lyrics and production notes

“Waking Freedom”

"Freedom is free for those who choose Questions of time, no time to lose Working wonders in wondrous ways, Walking Freedom..Waking Freedom"

"Vozes da Terra" - Voices of the Earth
This track is compiled from edits of field recordings made by Emily during the Tribal Gathering at the Earth Summit in 1992 and all profits from this recording are donated to charities supporting Indigenous people.

The song commences with a speech in indigenous language made by Davi Yanomami a spiritual leader of the Yanomami tribe pof Brazil and features Emily's field recordings of Yanomami Shamans practising the sacred Charborie ritual which inspired the lyrics of the song

"Yanomami we hear your call, Yanomami we share your dream One heart, one mind, Don't give up We will unite. They come from the forest After thousand of years The rivers, the mountains, Echo their fears. The birds flee the region, The land turns to dust. There's Gold on their land- It's the World Bank's lust Yanomami we hear your call, Don't give up - we will unite Yanomami, Yanomami, oh Yanomami"

"Echoes of the Forest"

"Woke up talking of a dream my friends,
The feathered man calls for the forest could end.
And looking out it breaks my heart for the forest smokes and the people depart.
It breathes our life and it feeds our home,
Look to the people of the forest alone.
Woke up talking of a dream my friends!"

"Running Man"
"We are Rock, Stone, Feather,
Snowflake, Crystal, Tree
Earth, Sky, Moon,
River, Water, Sea.
Running Man, Running Man.
There is laughing, there is crying
Running man
There is fighting, they are starving
Running Man
There is darkness, there is shadow,
Running Man
Look for light, there is love
Running man.
Look for love there is light Running man
Running man Running Man"

"Listen to the Kogi Speak"
The song features recordings of the Kogi Indians of Columbia and commences with the Kogi myth for creation set to music

In the beginning there was blackness
In the beginning, there was no sun, no moon, no people.
In the beginning there were no animals, no plants, only the Sea.
The Sea was the Mother
The Mother was not people
She was not anything, nothing at all.
She was, when she was, darkly
She was memory and potential
She was....Aluna.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:
"They come from a mountain,
These mystical people
Listen to the words they speak,
A message of wonder, a message of warning
Listen to the Kogi speak
Aware of Earth's torture, our imminent danger
Listen to the Kogi speak.
Reach out mountain high,
Feel her, love her
Can you see her, free her, feel her love her,
Be as one.
Mountain high reaches help us,
They feel us..Mountain high reaching out
They come from a mountain,
These mystical people,
A message to the world they give
Unlimited wisdom, unfathomable reason
Listen to the words they speak.
Listen to the breathing of the wind against your heart.
A question of time, we've drawn the line
Listen to the Kogi speak"

"Colours of the Dawning"
"Whispers to the night
Colour of the Dawning, White Light
Soul changes, wandering,turn the pages
Holding true in these times
Colours of the Dawning we recognise
White light - the interplay within our lives"