Consultation Cello Lessons & online cello lessons 2020

Including advice on technical issues and preparation for performance and exams

Consultation Cello Lessons & online cello lessons

Consultation lessons are perfect for those who have some knowledge of playing the cello are at an intermediate or advanced stage and require advice on technical issues, bowing and fingering and or a different point of view.

Developent of technique Emily expertly prescribes technical studies to help in the development of the muscles in the hands and arms on route to a strong and flowing bow hold and fit left hand fingers.

Technical studies in relation to the piece you are studying; She will either compose a  passage of music as a study or suggests technical studies to help in the development of technique.

Posture – correct posture is crucial in creating a beautiful rounded tone on the cello.

Emily was fortunate to attend posture consultation lessons with the late Jean Gibson, an extraordinary individual knowledgeable in the field of the relationship between correct posture and good ability (along the lines of Alexander technique). Emily was also very lucky as her first posture consultations at the young age of eleven corrected her tense neck and shoulders and aided her playing development enormously. Fourteen years later having recovered from a car accident and returning to her professional life as a cellist  she had consultations with Jean who insisted that Emily stayed on to observe the issues being resolved in other musicians. This was a crucial time of development in Emily’s insight of the relationship between correct posture and tone.

Testimony (April 2024) – Zoom cello lessons (regular basis)

Thinking of taking up the cello in later life but may be feeling hesitant, timid or shy? . Had lessons at school many years ago, forgotten most of it but would like to take it up again? With expert tuition and confidence building from Emily, you will not only quickly master or regain basic skills but go on to reach higher levels of musical achievement. Yes, it takes patience and determination but Emily’s inspirational teaching gives all the encouragement needed. Emily is highly recommended from one who has been returned to the cello after 50 years. In three years of lessons with Emily, I have re-learned eight years of tuition at school and far surpassed my previous level. I now thoroughly enjoy cello playing, and look forward to my lessons for themselves and not as the bonus of avoiding the needlework class.

Testimony – Consultation lesson

A short account on bow hold; “Emily has done a great job in improving my son’s cello bow hold. She is quick and  accurate in diagnosing his problem, made him understand the optimum bow control by demonstrating to him the interconnectedness between the fingers and thumb as well as how best they should occupy the bow to allow the flow and flexibility. My son has also benefited from the bowing exercises Emily has prescribed which are designed to harness the concept and building up the muscles of his fingers and thumb. He has found the sessions spent with Emily both inspiring and fun. Thank you Emily!”

Testimony – Zoom consultation lesson (April 2020)

Emily is an inspirational, encouraging and supportive teacher. Prior to the Covid19 crisis and subsequent lock down she taught me in person and now my weekly lessons are on Zoom. She is always able to demonstrate exactly how I can improve my posture, bow hold and technique to create the best sound possible even though my playing is not yet very advanced. Emily sets me new challenges every lesson and this motivates me to perfect my technique between lessons. I have found it rewarding to have progressed so far with Emily and am confident that she will be able to encourage and guide me to realise my playing ambitions in the future.

Preparation for performance Emily can also advise in performance preparation which is useful for students preparing for ABRSM exams/auditions.

Improvisation Emily actively encourages the art of improvisation. Due to this ability her professional life has expanded far beyond the classical association of the cello and it is also a fun way for an individual to establish their own means of expression with the instrument.

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Emily’s Musical Education

Emily received a privileged musical education. She commenced learning the cello at the age of five and when she was eleven years old she was awarded a music scholarship to Wells Cathedral School where she studied with Raphael Wallfisch and Margaret Moncrieff  and received regular master classes with the late Amaryllis Fleming. On leaving Wells she continued to study with Amaryllis through having gained a scholarship to The Royal College of Music, London. After the RCM  she further studied under the tutelage of the eminent teacher William Pleeth. She benefited greatly from this intensive and solid grounding in the classical repertoire and her career has included working within orchestras, chamber groups and solo recitals performing in all the main London concert halls.


From a young age, Emily displayed a talent for improvising as well as reading music and through her ability to extemporise she has carved a niche and developed a reputation for working outside of the usual association with the cello as a classical instrument.

As well as learning repertoire, Emily actively encourages the art of improvisation
which helps an individual establish their own identification and means of expressing their emotions through the instrument.

Emily Burridge - Cello Consultation


Testimony – Consultation Lesson on Bach G major Prelude

“As a mature student who started the cello late in life my two-hour consultation lesson with Emily was just what was needed when I started looking at the Bach suites. The Prelude of the G major Suite was proving challenging for me but with her patient help – annotating the score for easier fingering and demonstrating bowing patterns – it has made the task much more manageable” Lucy, Prelude G major suite by JS Bach

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