The Gnossienne Suite by BJ Cole & Emily Burridge

Although BJ Cole and Emily Burridge have had several of Erik Satie's Gnossiennes in their repertoire for some time, it was only when they had the idea of performing the complete cycle that it became clear that the pieces should evolve in the form of a suite, and to this end they have composed musical passages that link the individual 'miniatures' and create a sense of momentum through the whole work. Also, the idea of the individual Gnossiennes as movements in a suite gives added weight and substance to the whole, and allow a new appreciation of Satie's unique musical genius. BJ Cole's Pedal Steel and Emily Burridge's cello bring out a lyrical quality in Satie's music that is not possible to express in the standard piano interpretations; and undercurrents of Eastern European music clearly emerge as an influence on Satie's original compositions. The ‘Gnossienne Suite’ has been remixed and remastered in 2020 by BJ, and is now sounding better than ever. Prior to securing distribution through a label it is currently available by sending an e mail to [email protected] as individual pieces or as the complete ‘Gnossienne Suite’. The Gnossienne Suite is a featured part of BJ Cole and Emily Burridge's concert programme.

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"Music is not meant to be static, real music takes flight; it is an expression both within and outside time. Few musicians appreciate this as much as BJ Cole and Emily Burridge. When they perform established pieces of music they don't just recite them; their interpretations have the all important extras: poignancy, conviction and weight. Their delicate but powerful duets carry emotions that haunt you. They play with poise enough to take your breath, stop time and speak to you directly."

MP3 files of the Gnossienne Suite available

The Gnossienne Suite remastered in 2020 is only currently available to purchase in mp3 format. To make an order of the suite as a whole or individual Gnossiennes please send an e mail to [email protected] Payment through Paypal price: £4.75p for the whole suite & 95p for individual Gnossiennes.