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Including: session work, live performance & discography

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Emily, the classically trained virtuoso ‘cellist with a talent for improvisation honed to spontaneous perfection by the demands of top flight session work. With twenty years experience in studios either reading the notes or free improvisation Emily is at home within the recording environment as she is on stage performing. Over the years she has contributed with her cello to hundreds of recordings for songs and sound tracks;
Hear Emily play on a wide variety of songs and tracks by various artists including:
Philip Clemo ‘ Lucy Zirins, Debbie Bonham, George Michael, Roger Daltry, Gianna Nannini, Psychedelic Furs, Chrissy Hynde, Harold Budd, Roger Eno.

With perfect pitch she can identify chordal structures and quickly establish a ‘cello part. She loves to work alongside producers developing ideas and as a composer in her own right she easily adapts to writing string arrangements.

String arranging for songs

Three & four part harmony string arrangements for singer songwriter Freddie Mercer EP December 2018

Online sessions
Her professional home studio facility enables her to make high quality recordings of the ‘cello and this facilitates online overdubs.
Please visit her online session page for more information.

Philip Clemo acclaimed album release 2016 ‘Dream Maps’ Emily was credited for her contribution to the composition “Shadow Seas”

Review of Emily’s contribution as cellist guesting with band from Australia UK tour Summer 2017 & 2018
I travel from Sydney to distant places to tour with my band Fuchsia (fuchsiamusic.com) finding string players wherever I happen to be. The music has some fairly complex arrangements, and is unusual with its own unique psychedelic/folk/rock nuances. Emily was dedicated to getting it right, and she played from the scores provided, playing the parts with flair, style, soul and individuality. She was a pleasure to work with, fun on stage, and I would recommend her to anyone from any genre of music.
Tony Durant (Fuchsia, minitour gigs, London, August 2017) 10/10

Working within a string section and with bands including:
The Libertines, Stereophonics, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Alison Moyet, Mathilda May, Shelleyan Orphan, East 17, Chaga & Aska, Bond, Clea, Michell Lawson, Zero 7, Lou Rhodes, Marc Almond, Micha Paris, Jon Kale, Ruby Turner,The Dear Janes

1990’s – present day – Film Scores, working within string section and featured cellist:

Hans Zimmer, Richard Harvey, Roger Bolton, Dominic Crawford-Collins, and as a featured ‘cellist for music by: Helene Muddiman, Sofia Morizet, Brian Gulland, Kevin Sargent, Steve Naive,Gary Tarn.

Recent achievements include her multitrack ‘cello performance on BAFTA-nominated director Gary Tarne’s acclaimed film “The Prophet” and Terry Flaxton’s new film “To Stand and Stare” where she watched the film and responded with improvised ‘cello.

“All trees are clocks”by Nemeton digital arts 2016 production

The piece was designed to complement an exhibition of still photography and video of ancient woodlands undergoing dieback, presented during 2016/17. This Youtube clip presents the video, featuring beech woodlands of the New Forest filmed throughout the year.

‘Cello composition and performance: Emily Burridge ,Choral composition and performance: Karen Wimhurst

Dancing the Invisible – Choreographer Jennifer Jackson of the Royal Ballet. 2014 production

Emily performed  the G major suite by JS Bach. to accompany  dance production “Dancing the Invisible” at Surrey University 

Current Live Performance Productions:

As a composer over the past fifteen years Emily has integrated cultural aspects of many Brazilian journeys into her music and CD productions and for Emily the country and people of Brazil have proven to be a deep font of inspiration and emotional memory permeates some of her live productions and musical compositions  including; “Into the Amazon” and her duo Incandescendo

She has three performance productions both solo and collaborative ensembles;

From Bach to the Amazon”, and “Bach & Music from Out of the Blue”

Reviews:  “fascinating and unique”  – The Musician

”spellbinding innovative performance” – Nexus.

“music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits”- European Progressive Music

The concert productions “Bach & music from Out of the Blue”and “From Bach to the Amazon”  bring together her classical foundations and her compositional and improvisational abilities. Through employing modern sampling and looping technology, Emily has developed an exciting and innovative program of new music for the cello.

Utilising looping pedals operated by her feet Emily can play the cello, record harmonies and recreate her multi tracked compositions live, fluidly crossing genres both classical and contemporary.        

The result is a ‘spellbinding innovative performance’.

Over the last few years Emily has established a strong reputation with her unique solo production touring in the UK and concerts abroad:

Highlights from 2016: “Bach & music from Out of the Blue” Chartres Cathedral France summer concert series.

INCANDESCENDO ‘Latin grooves & dolce tunes’ – a dynamic duo of cello & Latin percussion and guitar – “A Musical Kaleidoscope of Jazz, World and Classical influences”

Their concert program includes an array of completely new works for ‘cello, percussion and guitar and their arrangements of Brazilian Classical and Popular music. Worlds are integrated and superimposed as they combine their many influences creating beautiful, exotic and surprisingly visual soundscapes.

Since their conception in the summer of 2012 concert appearances have Included:

Bolivar Hall, London , Connaught Rooms Covent Garden Brazilian Gala Ball , ‘Ablaze Festival’ Newbury, St Ives Festival Truro cathedral ,Pump House sessions Aldeburgh Festival “Carn to Cove” Cornwall rural touring…….

As a  duo they are interested in collaborative work with other instrumentalists joining them.   A successful collaboration  is with 10 string guitarist Marco Campos from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. who has joined Incandescendo for their June tour for three consecutive years ’13-’15. The concert program then augments to further arrangements of Brazilian classical and popular music

Duo production with Pedal Steel guitar legend BJ Cole.

“Duos for pedals steel guitar & ‘cello” Together, BJ Cole and Emily Burridge produce a dynamic energy that has evolved from their complementary musical perspectives.

“Their delicate but powerful duets carry emotions that haunt you. They play with poise enough to take your breath, stop time and speak to you directly.”

The unique combination of Emily’s ‘cello and BJ’s Pedal Steel Guitar create orchestral sounds in a new and refreshing context; weaving around one another in a sinuous dance of infectious sound and rhythm.

In 2011 they released their second album “The Gnossienne Suite” as a digital download.. In 2016 the album was remastered and re-released in 2017

In working together these two have created an eclectic repertoire for their concert program including a classical/jazz interpretation of Henry Purcell’s Dido, “Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copeland, “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. As well as arrangements of standards including ‘Cry me a River’ by Arthur Hamilton

A writing partnership with the pianist and composer Guy Jackson resulted in “Sombre” currently available for download on i tunes & spotify and also an extensive catalogue of works for library and soundtrack purposes.

Emily as a producer and song writer another collaboration since 2010 was working together with the lyricist the late Scott English in this partnership she is writing and producing songs recorded with the traditional band line up in rock and pop genres.

CD Productions by Emily Burridge

New release December 2017 “Compositions & Meditations” recorded live in Chartres cathedral, France. This production includes a recording of her solo concert production ‘Out of the Blue’and ‘Meditations’ includes recordings from various locations in the Cathedral.

“Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon” Double CD Recorded in British Grove Studios. ‘Out of the Blue’ is a series of pieces composed by Emily for solo cello utilising looping technology and ‘Into the Amazon ‘ is a twenty-five minute piece  with her field recordings from Brazil of tribal chants and environmental recordings integrated with the cello.

“Earth Songs” originally released 1994 through German Independent Label re-released 2003

“Footsteps in the Sand” originally released 1998 re-mastered and re-released 2003

“Bridge between Worlds” 2007

Music from Emily’s CDs is regularly used for film and documentaries and she also has Library Music with the following companies: KPM, Fireworks and West One

Collaborative CD Releases

Duo with BJ Cole. “Into the Blue” & the digital download release “The Gnossienne Suite”

“Sombre” 2017 download release with pianist & composer Guy Jackson

“Incandescendo” EP production 2015 & 2018

Co-writes with Austrian producer and guitarist Gandalf as featured ‘cellist and singer on the CD releases:

“Gates to Secret Realities”
Originally released on Sattva label and now re-released through German label BSC
“Somewhere between Earth & Sky” released through Real Music USA(2004)

1990’s Emily in being employed to work alongside individuals and bands:
1990’s Netherlands Klem Electro-Acoustic festival, with Austrian composer/performer Gandalf. Norderlichte Vienna.

Votivkirche Austrian tour Performance with Gandalf and Band.

Montreaux Jazz Festival guest appearance with Gianna Nannini.
Sienna University arrangements of Italian peasant songs as a duo with Gianna Nannini.
London Cafe Royal – Chaga & Aska.
Pink Orchestra with Steve Naïve.
Olympia Paris forming string trio with Chi2 for “The Servants”
Purcell Rooms, South Bank London as a member of Ensemble X performing quartet by Errolyn Wallen.
1990’s performing first CD production “Earth Songs” : Steiner Theatre Regents Park, Riverside Studios as part of three day festival, Nettlefold Festival Clapham Common, Assembly Rooms Glastonbury, Glastonbury Festival Classical Dome, Mansfield College Oxford & St
James’s Piccadilly “Journey into the Forest”.
Frankfurter Ring productions own CD show case
Frankfurt Book Fair own CD show case
Royal Academy of Art solo classical recital.
Windsor Festival solo classical recital. Austria Vienna.
Various venues for performances of co-write CD productions Barakaya and Gates to Secret Realities on which Emily sings as well as plays the ‘cello with Austrian producer and guitarist Gandalf. Both productions were re-released in 2011 through BSC music in Germany.

Performing music from first CD “Earth Songs” – Rio de Janeiro, Museu do Acude presented by Margaret Mee foundation. Brasilia Brazil Omame Festival in the National Theatre and Rio Flamengo Park, Earth Summit 1992. Auditorio Centro de Convencicoes. Sala Villa Lobos guest appearance with Gandalf.

Fortaleza Various venues as guest appearance with guitarist Manasses and his band including at the Teatro Jose Alencar.

1994 – 1998 generally living in Brazil and alongside her professional career a philanthropic response to the indigenous people of Brazil developed and she founded the registered charity “Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust”

1980’s – 2000 general summary

Solo and ensemble recitals
London Bach Orchestra and The Mozart Players

Extensive session work
1980‘s Compositional Commissions inc:

Sacred Elephant – Emily composed music to accompany readings of the book, “Sacred Elephant” by Heathcote Williams which was performed at various venues throughout England, accompanying the reading given by actress Virginia McKenna
1999-2000 Working within chamber groups for theatre productions at the National Theatre London including Guiding Star & Albert Speer.
1990’s – 2000 Live TV and Videos with bands inc: TFI, MTV, Top of the Pops, HTV, Des O’Connor Show & Fantastico live in Rome, Robert Palmer – “Father Father” video Stereophonics – “Hand Bags and Glad Rags” video

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