Studio Recording Session Cellist

Emily Burridge has over twenty years studio experience either reading the notes or writing arrangements/improvising the cello parts.

Emily Burridge Online Cello Session

Emily, the classically trained virtuoso ‘cellist with a talent for improvisation honed to spontaneous perfection by the demands of top flight session work in genres of music including; pop, rock, folk, Latin, dance music and classical.
With more than twenty years of experience employed in recording studios, Emily is at home within the recording environment as she is on stage performing and has contributed to countless songs and soundtracks.
As well as reading a notated part her perfect pitch enables her to identify chordal structures and establish a ‘cello part. She can write cello parts and string arrangements having previously been sent the song or she can improvise working alongside other musicians in a studio environment or work individually with a producer or songwriter.

String arranging for songs

Three & four part harmony string arrangements for singer songwriter Freddie Mercer EP December 2018

Recording & arranging enquiries please send an e mail to: [email protected]

The showreel below includes Emily’s cello parts for songs recorded both in studios and as online session cellist in her own recording facility:

Either reading notated parts or creating the cello parts recent releases include Philip Clemo 2016 release “Dream Maps” , Lucy Zirins debut album “Chasing Clocks” , Debbie Bonham “Spirit” ….and you can hear Emily on  many productions reaching back into the nineties including productions by;
George Michael, Roger Daltry, Gianna Nannini, Psychedelic Furs, Chrissie Hynde, Harold Budd, Roger Eno

Working within a string section and with bands including:

The Libertines, Stereophonics, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Alison Moyet, Mathilda May, Shelleyan Orphan, East 17, Chaga & Aska, Bond, Clea, Michell Lawson, Zero 7, Lou Rhodes, Marc Almond, Micha Paris, Jon Kale, Ruby Turner,The Dear Janes

Film Scores, working within string section (1990’s to present day)

Hans Zimmer, Steve Horner in LA, Richard Harvey, Roger Bolton, Dominic Crawford-Collins, and as a featured ‘cellist for music by: Helene Muddiman, Sofia Morizet, Brian Gulland, Kevin Sargent, Steve Naive,Gary Tarn.

Trailer for The Prophet, BAFTA-nominated director Gary Tarn’s adaptation of the 1923 classic written by Kahil Gibran. Emily’s ‘cello playing is a feature of the soundtrack.

Contact Emily about your recording production by e-mailing her: [email protected]