Bach & music from Out of the Blue

Live performance Chartres Cathedral 17th July 2016 of Emily’s concert program ‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’ video excerpt features the composition ‘Andiamo’ from her ‘Out of the Blue’ series of pieces.

Agosta’s Anthem

From the double CD production “Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon” produced by Emily Burridge. This stills video features photographs taken by Emily when she was living and working with the Xavante Indians of Marimbu village, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Prayer for the Rivers

As artist in residence for the American Ubiquity University Wisdom School at Chartres Cathedral, France 2014. ‘Prayer for the Rivers’ is a recording of an improvised piece played during a live performance in the crypt of the cathedral.


Gypsy Fire Dance – INCANDESCENDO’s new official promotional video filmed & produced by Chris Mugford

Baroque 7

INCANDESCENDO perform their composition Baroque 7 live in concert Truro Cathedral 220914

Luar do Sertao / Interrogando

INCANDESCENDO with special guest Marco Campos 10-string guitarist from Rio de Janeiro.

BJ Cole & Emily Burridge

Duos for Pedal Steel Guitar & ‘cello. Emily and Pedal steel guitar legend BJ Cole talk about their work as a duo ensemble. An interview is followed by a performance of their arrangement of Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No3

BJ Cole / Emily Burridge from Untied Artists on Vimeo.

Indian Willow

BJ Cole & Emily Burridge performing Indian Willow in The Convent Club chapel.Watch the whole show here:

Gnossienne No.1-3

BJ Cole & Emily Burridge performing Gnossienne No.1-3 in The Convent Club chapel.Watch the whole show here:

Prelude of G Major Suite J.S.Bach

Informal performance from thomthomproductions on Vimeo.

Prelude of G Major Suite J.S. Bach from thomthomproductions on Vimeo.

Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon

from thomthomproductions on Vimeo.
Emily playing extracts of two pieces “Globalisation” and “Rain Man Sings” from her release “Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon” and demonstrates her use of modern sampling technology which she utilises while she is playing the ‘cello and which enables her to create multi tracked pieces during her solo performance production.

Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon from thomthomproductions on Vimeo.

As a session ‘cellist working on film scores

“The Prophet”
achievements include her multitrack ‘cello performance on BAFTA-nominated director Gary Tarne’s acclaimed film “The Prophet”

Philip Clemo ‘Dream Maps’ album launch 14/09/2016

at Kings Place, London with special guest Arve Henriksen
The Dream Maps launch band were: Philip Clemo (voice, guitars, keys, soundscapes, theremin) Arve Henriksen (trumpet, voice) Evi Vine (voice) Sarah Homer (clarinet, bass clarinet) Emily Burridge (cello) Steven Hill (guitar) Simon Edwards (bass) Martin Ditcham (drums)
Shadow Seas
On the album recording Emily is credited for her contribution to the composition ‘Shadow Seas’

1 hour edit from Philip Clemo’s ‘Dream Maps’ album launch

“All trees are clocks”by Nemeton digital arts 2016 production

The piece was designed to complement an exhibition of still photography and video of ancient woodlands undergoing dieback, presented during 2016/17. This Youtube clip presents the video, featuring beech woodlands of the New Forest filmed throughout the year.
‘Cello composition and performance: Emily Burridge ,Choral composition and performance: Karen Wimhurst

The Stereophonics

Hand Bags & Glad Rags Over the years due to her session work Emily has been featured on many videos – here she is playing with the Stereophonics on location at the Round House in London prior to the location becoming an event venue.