Pastoral Light by Emily Burridge

Pastoral Light Emily Burridge on iTunesPastoral Light by Emily Burridge

Pastoral Light was recorded and produced by Emily Burridge

The Story behind the Music

“Pastoral Light” originally came into being through a special commission to mark the passing of a loved one. The remit; “Something along the lines of “Lark Ascending” by Vaughan Williams”.

I received the call for the commission while out on a walk, and having reached the top of a hill was seated looking out across an amazing view.

On entering into the composition and inspired by the spacious beauty of that place, I commenced writing and recording and found myself scaling the heights of the cello, and an orchestral piece evolved with featured cello and piano.

A recording of a dawn chorus made on Easter day 2020, enters and becomes an integral part of the musical canvas.

The UK had entered it’s first  “lock down”  and as far as human activity in the landscape, it was quite possibly the quietest dawn in decades.

Inspired by nature the music seeks to promote the beauty of our natural world.

I do hope you enjoy it.

About Emily Burridge

Emily Burridge is a virtuoso cellist, composer, performer & producer whose deft improvisational and compositional skills create sublime music, fluidly crossing genres both classical and contemporary.

Through integrating modern sampling technology with the ‘cello Emily has developed an exciting and innovative program of new music for the cello.

With looping pedals operated by her feet Emily can play the cello, record harmonies and create multi tracked compositions live.

In the hands of Emily, this instrument becomes a voice for her personal experiences, her emotions, and her thoughts as she amalgamates in her productions and collaborations melodies, rhythms, sounds from her field recordings, and various instruments.

“In her compositions, Emily is capable of gathering, in a truly spontaneous way, elements derived from her classical upbringing, together those coming from the ethnic musics she has lived with.”

Her music was described in The Musician as “fascinating and unique” and in Europe – European Progressive Music “music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits”

Pastoral Light by Emily Burridge on iTunesPastoral by Emily Burridge