Concerts in June – solo productions
by on 01.06.2018

June Solo concerts 

“Spellbinding innovative performance” – Nexus

“Music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits” – European Progressive Music

Bach & music from Out of the Blue

Program length:  (1 hr 15 mins)

In the concert production ‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’ Emily extends  the appeal of the wondrous suites for unaccompanied cello by JS Bach combining within a concert a Bach suite with her own series of compositions for solo cello. (from May 2018 for summer concerts Emily will be performing third suite in C major) ‘C major, the richest and most resonant key for the cello, inspired Bach to veritable cascades of sound……his personal key of joy’. Love is proclaimed,

‘Out of the Blue’  In these compositions the cello becomes a voice for her personal experiences, and emotions, and through utilising modern sampling and looping technology  operated by her feet Emily can play the cello, record harmonies and recreate her multi tracked compositions live.


 Friday 8th June Milton Abbey School recital series ‘From Bach to the Amazon’

“Emily Burridge’s ‘From Bach to the Amazon’ is nothing short of inspirational. The first half interweaves classical unaccompanied cello works  by JS Bach with her own compositions. Clever use of technology allows her to create multi-tracked pieces in a live setting which segue in and out of the familiar classical repertoire into her own dreamy creations.

A consummate musician, she also has a wonderful ability to communicate with her audience, rendering the whole performance as intimate as it is accomplished. The second half takes the audience on a fascinating journey into the world of the Xavante natives in the Amazon.,-cellis.aspx

Sunday morning 17th June 11am Kino Teatre, St Leonards on Sea UK.  ‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’‘coffee concert series’


Monday 18th June 1pm Festival of Chichester  St John’s Chapel ‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’

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