Rain Maker charting #4 @Broadjam USA online chart
by on 19.05.2017

‘Rain Maker’ from album production “Footsteps in the Sand” charting this week Prayer for the Fishermen has entered the New Age – Ethnic Top 10 at #4!

In the last few months the following songs from ‘Footsteps in the Sand’ have regularly featured in the top ten of this chart including “Rain Maker”, “Prayer for the Fishermen”, “Agua de Menina”, “Day of the Dead” and “Black Madonna”

Production notes and lyrics
An international production which she commenced recording in Fortaleza, Brazil and completed in studios in Austria and England.

Album produced by Emily, she plays the cello,sings, composed with the keyboard synthesized instrumentation and wrote the lyrics.
Featuring eminent Brazilian 12 string guitarist, Manasés de Souza, Brazilian percussionist Milton Fiori and the Austrian guitarist and producer Gandalf. Manasses and Milton are featured playing on “Kame”, “Candle in the Sand”, “Dia dos Mortos” – (Day of the Dead) and “Distant Shore” (instrumental version of “Candle in the Sand”) Austrian producer & guitarist Gandalf plays electric guitar on “Dolphin Love” and acoustic guitar on “Black Madonna” Jody Linscott plays percussion on “Prayer for the Fishermen”
“Tremembe Trilogy”
In a place called Almofala, which local people referred to as the end of the line” Emily encountered the Tremembe Indians who lived in the sand dunes set back from the sea. The Chief and his daughter decided to sing some of their traditional songs. Emily recorded them and three of the Tremembe songs form the base for her tracks “Rainmaker”, “Agua de Menina” and “Prayer for the Fishermen”. These tracks are an audible response to her experience with the Tremembe Indians and the isolated place in which they live.

“Prayer for the Fishermen”
“This is a prayer for the fishermen,
For those people out there,
At that place on the end of the line,
Where their world is just sea and sky.
Our boat is led through dark waters
Our tears are of the Sea”

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