Private House Concert 25/10/23 5 star review
by on 06.11.2023

Paul G 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I haven’t the words to express how utterly precious an experience it was that Emily gave us. A very very special surprise private concert for my wife’s 70th birthday. Just wonderful!

Private House Concert 25/10/23

Amazing experience of performing solo cello  in the ambience of this extraordinary house designed by the famous architect Edwin Lutyens in Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

Playing the acoustic cello the requested program for this private house concert was : Bach with Preludes and selected movements from the suites in G major and D minor , Burridge – “Salutation – Out of the blue” , “Fukushima” and “Prayer for the Rivers” (first performance having transcribed original improvisation originally performed in the crypt of Chartres cathedral) , Manuel de Falla “Nanna”, Saint Saens “The Swan” and the first movement of the Elgar cello concerto – (no accompaniment) … !!! go for it girl I said to myself before taking the leap…..😃 The acoustic of the room was profoundly stunning with a wooden floor and there must of been some space underneath as  although had a fairly low ceiling it resounded like a sound box. One of the guests said he could feel certain notes resonating up through his feet! The acoustic , the really lovely clients carried me through the program which was … as requested “just pure cello”

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