Overtone singing workshop on Zoom
by on 05.08.2020

It was a delight to give this workshop and share something that I have practised since 1992 !! Overtone singing

Dr Deniah Pachai and her Lu Jong Tibetan yoga group on the Zoom platform is a daily class in which I also participate on a regular basis.

The full video is here https://vimeo.com/443976815/0e91d572fe

I will be making an edit.

This workshop is an introduction to Overtone singing in which we practise the five seed syllables individually and then gradually with practise they can be ‘spun‘ together .

overtone singing is an energising practise in which we focus the seed syllables at 5 of the chakras  it expands ones breath and exercises and stimulates the vocal chords amongst many other things….

indigenous people around the world have practised throat singing and overtone singing for millennia imitating sounds of nature.

overtone singing is thought to originate from Mongolia – Khoomi singing and as Buddhism was introduced into Mongolia it is thought that the chant and overtone singing was adopted.

The Bon tradition  is the root and oldest form of Buddhism – Bon is also a Tibetan word ‘to chant’

you can find out more about Deniah’s LuJong group by visiting her website:






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