Online cello arrangement & recording September 2020
by on 25.09.2020

Online cello recording session & arrangement September 2020

Recording & arranging in the UK for client in Texas USA Kyle Bateman “The Top” September 2020

The remit:   I hope you are well.  I was writing to ask if you would be interested in writing a Cello Arrangement for my new song, (The Top).  I’m looking for a crescendo during the bridge out to the outro, a lot like Bowie’s Five Years.

The response to cello arrangement on first mix submission to the client :

“Wow, just what it needed!  Very tasteful.  Bravo 👏 Perfect, well done Emily.  Love it!”



“Emily, again, what an amazing performance and perfect note placement! Wow I very much enjoy the arrangement.  The execution and performance is spot on.  Brilliantly done! -Like I said; Bravo 👏 “

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