Last minute musicians review guest cellist for album launch
by on 11.12.2017

Details of the new review:

Name: Tony Durant

Organisation: Fuchsia, minitour gigs, London, August 2017

Rating: 10/10

Performance Half moon Putney for Fuchsia Music album launch


I travel from Sydney to distant places  to tour with my band Fuchsia ( finding string players wherever I happen to be. When I came to England this year, I found Emily on Last Minute Musicians. The music has some fairly complex arrangements, and  is  unusual with its own unique psychedelic/folk/rock nuances. Emily was dedicated to getting it right, and she played from the scores provided,  playing the parts with flair, style, soul and individuality.

She was a pleasure to work with, fun on stage,  and  I would recommend her to anyone from any genre of music.

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