“All trees are Clocks” 22nd June 7.30pm
by on 08.05.2017

“All trees are Clocks” 22nd June 7.30pm tickets £7. Venue: New Forest Gallery

A unique opportunity to see a live performance of ‘All trees are clocks’, a multi-media piece specifically composed to accompany the exhibition displayed in the New Forest Gallery until 9 July.
Part of the New Forest Arts Festival.


The concert will be given by Emily Burridge (cello) and Karen Wimhurst (clarinet), who will accompany a presentation of sound and video documenting how the New Forest wood-lands change throughout the year.
Field recording, sound processing and editing, video: Adrian Newton (http://nemeton.org.uk/)
All trees are clocks Youtube

Climate change is currently causing the widespread death of ancient trees, leading to the collapse of forest ecosystems in many different parts of the world. ‘All trees are clocks’ explores this phenomenon through a combination of sound art and music. The title refers to the fact that ancient trees capture a record of the passage of time in their growth rings, which provides evidence of how the climate has changed over the past few centuries.

The piece features field recordings made throughout the year in beechwoods currently undergoing dieback, in the New Forest National Park, UK. The passage of time is marked by the sound of breaking twigs and branches of trees that have recently died. These elements are combined with vocal textures derived from a set of chords with roots moving around the cycle of fifths, representing the cyclical dynamics of woodland ecosystems. Each chord is presented in its root version and in two inversions, with different types of extended chord reflecting the contrasting moods of different seasons. These parts are complemented by an improvised ‘cello performance produced in response to the other sound elements.

‘Cello composition and performance: Emily Burridge (http://www.emilyburridge.com/)
Choral composition and performance: Karen Wimhurst (http://www.karenwimhurst.co.uk/)

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