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Emily Burridge - The solo performance

'Out of the Blue' & 'Into the Amazon'

Emily Burridge has developed an exciting and innovative program of new music for the 'cello, featured on her double CD release "Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon".

In the video below Emily plays extracts of two pieces "Globalisation" and "Rain Man Sings" from her release "Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon" and demonstrates her use of modern sampling technology which she utilises while she is playing the 'cello and which enables her to create multi tracked pieces during her solo performance production.

Emily BurridgeBy using sampling and looping pedals originally designed for the rock guitar, Emily can fill auditoriums with her beautiful, multi-layered compositions.

There are times during the concert that, if you closed your eyes, it would seem there was a quartet on stage.

A master of her instrument and proficient technician, Emily creates all the samples during the live performance.

Along with her solo compositions Emily adds the sounds and experiences brought back from her times living with the Xavante tribe in the Amazon and she can also tailor a concert to include dance movements from the classic 'cello suites by J.S. Bach.

Prelude of G Major Suite J.S. Bach from
thomthomproductions on Vimeo.

"Burridge & Into the Amazon"

Over the last fourteen years Emily has stayed with a Xavante Indian community in the Mato Grosso Brazil. Singing is central to the Xavante culture and Emily was invited to record their songs.

With these recordings Emily has produced "Into the Amazon" and through this production takes the audience on a brief journey into an Indian village commencing with birds at dawn followed by recordings of songs sung by both groups and individuals which she accompanies with solo 'cello compositions.

Projected images accompany the "Into the Amazon" performance. Including photos of fauna and flora of the Amazon by kind permission of the acclaimed photographer Sue Cunningham and photos of Xavante tribes people taken by Emily.

Images of Xavante by Emily Burridge

The above program with Bach integrated into the performance:

"Bach & Burridge" / "Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon"

The Bach Suites for unaccompanied 'cello are the root of the 'cello repertoire and in her concert program Emily performs her selection from the Bach Suites and integrates them with her solo compositions.

In the program "Bach, Burridge & into the Amazon" she performs Bach and "Out of the Blue" compositions in the the first half and "Into the Amazon " in the second half of the performance.

Into the Blue
Performance extracts from "Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon"
Sarabande by J.S Bach, live performance, Warneford Chapel, Oxford, 2010
Reverie by Emily Burridge
Agosta Anthem by Emily Burridge

For concert booking enquiries please e mail: admin@emilyburridge.com

Emily Burridge performing at the Start Garden Party
St Jame's Palace Main Stage, Clarence House, London
photograph by Xan


"The audience experienced an evening of ethereal, beautiful and an emotional combination of images and music, totally enjoyable evening."
Christine Pacey - Hinton Martel Church

"Emily Burridge's 'Out of the Blue and Into the Amazon' is nothing short of inspirational. The first half interweaves classical unaccompanied cello works drawn from the G major suite by JS Bach with her own compositions. Clever use of technology allows her to create multi-tracked pieces in a live setting which segue in and out of the familiar classical repertoire into her own dreamy creations.

A consummate musician, she also has a wonderful ability to communicate with her audience, rendering the whole performance as intimate as it is accomplished. The second half takes the audience on a fascinating journey into the world of the Xavante natives in the Amazon.

Striking photographic images and recordings of their prayers and songs are accompanied by Emily’s own haunting and lyrical cello music. It is peaceful, spiritual and atmospheric; a visual and aural wonderland into which the audience is gently drawn."

Sarah Newitt (Rural tour concert promoted by Dorset Artsreach) 

General Concert Information & Technical Requirements

Performance length : One hour and fifteen minutes

Technical information and requirements

Amplification - Emily supplies her own small PA which is suitable for small halls and churches. For bigger venues an in house PA is required

(Optional) Projected images can accompany the "Into the Amazon" performance. A projector and surface onto which images can be projected is required.

"Outreach performance" - "Into the Amazon" is an effective "outreach" project. Emily integrates a story telling approach to the performance as she relates her experiences of living with tribal people in the forests of Brazil.

Emily Burridge

Previous tours and locations

Over the last few years Emily Burridge has established a strong reputation with her unique solo performance:

Equator WOW Festival 2013, Women of the World, London.
St. Ives Festival 2012, Zennor Church, Cornwall UK
Hayle - Rural tour venue Cornwall.
Rural Tour - Various Venues Dorset. Promoted by Dorset Artsreach.
Clarence House, London."Start - A Garden Party to make a difference" Organised by The Princes Foundation. Emily performed "Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon" on the main stage and the garden stage.
Warneford Chapel, Oxford. Promoted by Oxford Contemporary Music, Emily gave a sell out performance. www.ocmevents.org
Ashleywood Farm Music Festival, Dorset.
McQueen's Club, London.
Rivenstone Festival - Dartmoor. Main Stage.
Brazilian Embassy in London. The first performance, "Into the Amazon" in collaboration with the photo exhibit "Heart of Brazil" by international photographer Sue Cunningham.
Butley Priory Music Series, Suffolk.
Hindon "Peace wins Japan" private concert.
Warneford Hospital, Oxford. "Into the Amazon" proved to be an effective "out reach" project. Emily integrated within the performance a story telling approach to the performance as she related her experiences of living with tribal people in the forests of Brazil.
Harcourt Arboretum, Oxford. Another fitting environment for this production. Event organised by OCM - Oxford Contemporary Music.
Donhead St Mary Church, Dorset. Benefit concert for the Xavante Tree Nursery initiative.
Shaftesbury Arts Centre Dorset.

For enquiries regarding concert booking e-mail:

McQueen's Club, London
photo michicolor